How chip timing works

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Chip timing for a race has six elements which happen in three stages, pre race, during the race and post race. Chip timing works using RFID technology. We use IPICOs patented dual frequency technology which thrives in environments where other timing systems struggle. To find out more details on how click here

Pre Race

  1. Participant information. This is used to generate reports post race. Participant information is required in either excel or csv format. Clean entrant information is essential to ensure result production goes quickly and smoothly. Core participant information required would be bib number, first name, last name, gender, date of birth, club. Download a simple entrant sheet here (excel 2003 or later required)

During the Race

  1. Chips or Tags. Each athlete wears a chip (or tag); the chip’s ID is aligned with the athlete’s race number. There are 3 types of chip. To find out more on chips click here.
  2. Mats. These are placed on the ground at points where we need to record the athlete. This is usually at the start and at the finish. As the chip is passed over the mat, the mat then powers the chip long enough for the reader to read the chip’s id. Chip Timing Diagram
  3. Readers. Each mat is connected to a reader. As an athlete passes over the mat the reader collects the chips ID and the exact time at which it was read. 
  4. Video Footage. We make a HD video recording of the finish line at all races. This helps if there are disputes with results after a race. We can also pull images from this video file for any participant that would like a photo (proof) of completing the race.

Post Race

  1. Results. We then use all of the information gathered in the previous steps along with sophisticated results software to produce the race results. We have multiple race report types available (overall, split gender, age category, team,award winners etc.) We can also create custom pre and post race reports of your
    choosing, these reports may include email addresses, phone numbers, postal
    addresses etc. See a sample triathlon report here or a road race report here.