Shoe chip

The shoe chip is worn on the athletes shoe. It is a durable, waterproof, reusable timing chip. It’s robust nature makes it the perfect solution for even the most testing environments such as mud runs and adventure races. Manufactured to the highest standards it is the timing chip of choice for some of the worlds biggest races such as the Virgin London Marathon and the Bupa Great North Run.

The benefits of the shoe chip are:

  • Green – Unlike other disposable options this chip is collected and reused making it green and environmentally friendly.
  • Low cost – Reusing chips enables us to keep costs down. This makes shoe chips a viable option for even the smallest of races.
  • Durable Design – The chips are waterproof and robust meaning there is little to no chance of the chip becoming damaged or faulty during a race
  • Passive – There is no battery required
  • Dual Frequency – IPICOs patented dual frequency technology is designed to overcome the challenges of other systems. Read more about how here

Want to offer your sponsors better value and make a great race souvenir?

For larger events we also offer a disposable customized chip option. The chip can be customized to your specifications and makes a great race souvenir.  Are you tired of trying to come up with value‘for your sponsors? Want a great way to get their message to the masses? Why not make it a coupon and track the ROI? How about a means to drive people to a website and collect valuable marketing data?